As the world cup final unfolded..

What a great Football match today! Those of who are still wondering, I am talking about the FIFA Football (Soccer) World cup 2022 final match between Argentina and France.

Argentina lifted the cup after a nail biting finish in the penalty shoot-outs.

Although the post seems like I am favoring Argentina, I bow to France for such a match and showing us how thrilling World Cup Football can be. If you are a French fan, you have every reason to flip the teams below and you will find the same lessons. The final result does not matter, one team has to win after all.

So what has this to do with personal finance? Everything .. read on... 

In the first half of the game, Argentina was comfortably leading 2-0 and France was looking lost in the game. Till the half-time, it looked like there is no hope for France to come back and Argentina was getting confident every minute.

Argentina 2, France 0

This is how we feel when we are winning in our jobs, finances and everything goes well. We spend and spend, thinking there is always tomorrow to earn it back. Like the coveted cup in the horizon, we believe we have it all figured out. 
And then disaster strikes.. Elon Musk takes over.. the economy tanks.. and suddenly... 

Shortly in the second half, France came back strongly with 2 goals back to back within 97 secs to make it equal. It was disastrous for Argentina and shattered their confidence.. For several minutes, they were completely dominated and tried to fend off the French attack.

Argentina 2, France 2

You may feel like everything is lost.. you may have lost your job or it looks unstable.. and you do not have the savings to ride over the bad times... 

But they still had the skills named Lionel Messi … one of the greatest footballers the world has seen… Slowly but steadily they got their act together and Messi scrambled a goal into the French net.. the French defense tried to save it but it was too late as it crossed the line..

Argentina 3, France 2.

One of the important facets of personal finance is our own skills .. flexibility and constantly upgrading ourselves are the wisest investments we can make. Like Messi, if we acquire the right skills, we can scramble back like that goal.. 
So while you can spend, spend a little for your future too.. Learn about personal finance, how to invest, take a few courses to sharpen your axe in your own field, buy and read a lot of books in adjacent fields and remain flexible .. 

Another nail biting situation happened when France scored an equalizer yet again.. All 3 goals were scored by the great player, Kylian Mbappe of France. He was clearly dominating and fighting back…

Argentina 3, France 3.

As you up-skill and learn, it takes a lot of time to put learnings into action.. and things may not look up immediately.. there will be smaller wins and bigger setbacks as the economy turns and twists into a recession.

The match went into tie-breaker.. And this time the defense (goalkeeper Martinez) became the man behind Argentina’s final win.. It’s his saves that mattered the most after all the action from both teams.

Argentina 4, France 2 (Final result from penalty shootouts)

Defense in personal finance means having a cushion of cash for the bad times.. This could be the Emergency Fund or any other liquid investment that can be harvested at quick notice. The Emergency Fund acts as the goalkeeper while you sharpen your offense or finally win. 


The two important parts of Personal Finance that are not conventional investments.

A good Defender is as important as the Striker. 
No one can take away what you learn, practice and put to action.

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