The semiconductor of Personal Finance

I have been working in the semiconductor and the electronic design automation industry for over two and half decades. I love working on the complex problems and solutions that evolve as chips pack in more and more functionality, often to the tune of billions of transistors (the basic unit of electronics).

Today the world is abuzz with talks on chatGPT, blockchain, metaverse, self driving cars and much more innovation. Behind all these innovation, there is the power of AI/ML, computer vision, natural language processing, encryption and massive distributed processing and storage technologies.

If you peel the onion further, all of the above are powered by the tremendous advancement in the field of semiconductors and electronic design automation that supports it.

So semiconductors are at the base of the pyramid, holding and powering the world of the chatGPTs and Blockchains.

Yet it is not so much hyped because the process of taping out a chip successfully is so complex, precise and continuously evolving under a disciplined research.

Let us extend this analogy to the field of Personal Finance. Seems out of context? Read on…

When I talk to potential and existing clients, most people love to talk about their investments. They may have bought a stock, a mutual fund which have given them good returns. When gains are good, they feel like Warren Buffet themselves but when the markets tank (as in 2022) they question the risk and jump out of the markets.

Investments are the heady world of personal finances as the world of chatGPT, AI/ML, blockchains are for technology. People spend too much time and mindshare trying to beat the market and picking the best investment, when there is no such thing in reality. Best investment is what resonates with your life’s plan.

In chasing the best investment, people forget to find the semiconductor in their financial lives. If you do not understand the semiconductor process, improve it, manage it and then build technologies on top of it, your technology will fall flat.

Similarly, if you do not focus on the basics of personal finance planning like a budget, your financial goals, trade-offs, a spending plan based on your values – your investments will be meaningless and random.

So if you want to build a solid financial future for yourself and your family, start with the semiconductor. Here are some of the blogs that helps to build this semiconductor of personal finance.

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